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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"

wonderfully entertaining!

one problem, I cant figure out what the corpe does? it doesnt seem like he attacks. any help?

Unique and keeps your attention

I really like how you made it so for like 4 lvls or so it would be easy street then bam Bombers come in and you gotta be on your toes to respawn your skellys right when they come. I'd say the lvls of difficulty are spot on also, I ended up changing my strategy everytime I advanced from normal -> hard -> Extreme, and even before that when i was just doing normal on all 4 castles each had a unique style that made me have to experiment for each type to find the best way to defend. Good Job.


the concepts are sound, but my money keep vanishing for no apperent reason, and I CANT SELL STUFF.

This game needs an expansion

There was so much about this game that I liked.
Now add more content, make a second one :D

Not Bad At ALL!!!!!!

This Game is quite a nice game, i am giving it full stars but i do have some complaints

-The Mouse Is Too Slow
-No Zoom Feature
-Upon Losing You Will Swear A LOT!!!!
-Not Everything can evolve 3 times.

Good Points
-The Game Is Beautiful
-The Difficulties are actually difficult and challenging

Overall the Game is a Solid 10/10, Well Done and Good Luck for the Future :)