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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"

Awesome, but could use more of a challenge

Really jawesome game, but once I found this strategy it became too easy..

*if your having trouble here's a sure-fire way to win on all difficulties*

-Start off with slime and skull right next to each other at the bottom of the map
-Then build some plants on the next lvl
-Replace skeleton with dragon
-Fill all other spots with Hives (Except 4 spaces for Corpse's)

Then you've won! I've done this on normal, hard and extreme and win without losing even once.

Though a question for the creator, I NEVER have been able to lvl up a corpse to lvl 3! It takes waay too long, the closest I've gotten in bout 3/4ths the way, though I've only completed 1 of the extreme lvls so far...

Anyway pretty cool once you figure out what to do.


not too good not to boring


Very good game.
@spiritslash I did every level on every difficulty and I saw no glitches. Its just you


This game is way too glitched. Whenever I try to "Upgrade" one of my monsters, I "sell" it automatically. And whenever I get 400 bones, It selects Thunder spell and I can't ex out of it. Then when I use it, It drains almost all of my Bones! This game could be way better if you fixed it!

Piranha Plants of DOOOOM

Fun game, and good graphics. I'd only suggest better balance, as the plants are waaaay overpowered (perhaps shorter range or less damage?) and I used little else besides them and beeehives on every level, as well as a better mix of enemies. More of the climbers or titan guys would make it a much better challenge, as it's currently a breeze with certain strategies...