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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"

Nice strategy game!!!

This game is very nice. I like the backward concept of the game. Reason because it would be the monsters attacking the queen not the humans.


The game is very well made, but there is a huge difficulty spike within castle two.

Short and Sweet

Great game but I feel that you should be able to have more choices of spells and such.

Good entertaining game, but it could be improved.

This game was good, I like the diffrent variations of monsters you can pick to use diffrent stratigies by puting them next to each other. However some things could be better. First it is the problem using spells: For me it is so that the spells work 1 out of 2 times, so you have to use it tweis for it to work, which is annoying and costfull. Second it is the evolution of monsters: I like how the monsters chift shape, it makes this game more intresting. However it could happen more often. Let me take the dragon for example, it starts of as a little lizard, and then evolves to a red horned lizard that freezes enemies. But it stays like that for the rest of the time for at least 20 upgrades. I would which to se it evolve into something greater in a period of time that you can make in 1 game. When I want a dragon I expect it not to be just a little lizard, but at sometime a get something bigger with wings, thats what I call worthy calling a dragon. Third is the advancing to the next castle: The way I did it was, to first beat normal, then hard, then extreem. It to a very long time just playing the games, not that I had to restart or something. However I could still not advance to the next castle, so I beat it on easy, and then I could play the next castle on alla difficulities. So I see you made it so you have to beat it on easy first so you can play on the next difficulity on the same course. I think this should be changed, because I tought the only really chalenging difficoulity was extreeme, and having to play on an easier difficoulity on all levels just takes forever, and it is way pass the time that this game stays intressting. You can play this game for 3 hours top before it gets boring, since you only place, wait and click upgrade. So fix so you can advance if you beat a level on extreem, without having to win easy. And finally number four: The castles could be more varied. When you advance to a new castle it is just a little mor difficult because you have les rom to work on when doors are closer together, that is it. It is not really worth advancing really far, when almost nothing changes, not the shape of the castle, or the color, or the decorations, it is all the same castle. other than that it was a really good game, worth tops 3 hours of time kill, and like it looks like now I would give it a rating of 6,7.

I cannot beat castle 4 easy

Dont know what Im doing wrong or maybe I just dont get it. But I can beat all the other castles on easy and normal. But Castle 4 (easy) I cannot beat.