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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"


i was enslaved my strategie wins always only dragons plants blobs and trees and you win
in level two that empty space was full with hikers i had to use money i didnt want to spent so i buyed 1 plant a skeleton was a better idea

So much FUN!

I'm up to Castle 2 Hard and I can't stop playing. Love the graphics and gameplay. Skeletons in front of demons pwn! Great job!

The challenge sucks you in!

I just couldn't help retrying until all my lives were safe and to see my little monsters grow kept me addicted.


I think this game is very well put together, has good graphics, and over all is great. One problem though: in castle 2, where the second floor has no doors, the hikers get there and never climb higher. You have to place people in the second floor just to kill the hikers and get on with the game.

very impressive

i love how addicting this game is..it makes you wanna play over and over again, despite getting a game over. i really like the concept of this game and the fact that it's pixelated. one of the best castle defence games i've played in a while. :) great job