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Reviews for "Growing hunger"

I have...

The weirdest boner.

It was certainly different as far as experimental flash animations go, and the fluidity of the animation did not bother me too much, what got me was the lack of noise, the sound additions were choppy at best, and it was just weirdly silent for the most part.

You know, for some strange reason...

I tend to watch this every day over and over again.

Fuuny, but....

The animation was good, but could have used more fluidity and color. The music was good, but not consistent. This was a great concept, but I think you could have done better with it. On the bright side, this would definetaly make a fantastic B-Movie Horror Film!

My got.

I sooooooooooooooo want that.


Well, it was an okay flash. I'll admit the breasts and ass was good but you put too much on their size, as for the plot. It would have been good if the sisters had different traits, like one with huge breasts. Another with a nice ass and so on, your artwork is good and I do say to keep it up but you might wanna also add a little more sound effects. But that's just me