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Reviews for "Growing hunger"

I wonder........

I wonder what if she would consume a man, male in general......... And then i'd wonder how would it be if she consumed animals..... Can she already????
It would've been easier for her to make a formula that grow her breasts and ass bigger without consuming anything, eh?
Anyways, way to go mate, the animation is a successful with no doubt.


This was an ok flash, but im just thinking, why would a girl want a huge ass?

she ended up looking like the girl of my dreams

if i knew i wouldn't b absorbed i fuck her for like 18 hours straight... then ask her out


Well I find that the lack of color, dialogue, and real background noise did help to the effect of the flash, however, I do believe that there were a few things that could've been done better.
The plain nudity, I understand was to show that she was growing when she consumed the others, and whatever I'm cool with that. I found it a bit strange how everyone played along and you could have had few more people fight back.
The overall flash just reminded me of the game Prototype so I feel like it wasn't too original, even if it was on an entirely different note.
3/5 i suppose


A potion that gives you a huge ass, eh? Must've been what my ex was drinking. Oh snap!

On a more serious note, the animation was a little choppy, but I actually found it worked for some reason. The story, however... meh. I mean it was original, but what I saw was nudity for the sake of nudity and girl on girl action for the sake of... well, you get the idea. I imagine this is what it would look like if Poe was a feminist. But all in all, I enjoyed it. Good luck in the future!