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Reviews for "Growing hunger"

Erm... I don't know what to say but it was good

I'm not gonna be one of those total dicks that hate this animation for the sole reason of disliking anything that seems out of normal or doesn't apply to what makes an animation "good" on Newgrounds.

It didn't turn me on, but I will say that I enjoyed watching it not for any fetish purposes, but rather out of pure entertainment and skepticism.

I know that the only way to truely enjoy it is if you have this sort've fetish. But I won't be biased here, and will simply say it is entertaining from another perspective.



I came here expecting a game (dunno how I did that, but I did....) Awesome animation though.

Be an interesting horror movie

Or a mini series. Has lesbianism, a unique plot, and it could be kind of scary/disturbing in quality.

My only real gripe with it was just how large the girl grew with each victim absorbed. I think it would have been a touch better if she could control what she shape shifts since this has a sci-fi quality, but I digress. Nice work.


For all the warnings and disclaimers about the work, I expected something a lot more scandalous. It got repetitive after the first girl was assimilated. And I liked the girl best when she was skinny. But good job on the drawings anyway.

is she

the harlot?