Reviews for "The Nature Song"

I quiet enjoyed it~

I look forward to your next music video~

good job XP

Lol I roflmaoed when lighting killed the human.

Love To Sing Along

The artwork is great, capturing the cartoony side to a singing enchanted forest is outstanding. The animation is simply masterful, everything just moved so well and the lip sync was perfect. It moved very slowly like a waltz and only built from there becoming more and more. The song itself is truly amazing and requires no back-up sound effects in other words acapella was the perfect choice for this and remixing it with an orchestra would ruin it it is sheer perfection. Also it was hilarious! I will add that I saw this on the Newgrounds Broadcast and I intend on sharing this with peeps for Earth Day, it was just amazing, certainly a new favorite for me.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Artwork
*Masterful Animation
*Masterful Music

|| Bad Points ||

koit responds:

What a lovely review. Thanks ever so much.

Glad you liked it.

I wasn't aware of this Newgrounds live until you and DiMono mentioned it. It's nice to be featured.


i know i'm high and that was fucking unbelievable, it was genius!! and how complex and melodically pretty it was!! mind blow dude!!!

Human!!! (Boom!)
Best part. XD