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Reviews for "Waterfall of Zenita"

Great job, Dan! Another masterpiece just like many others you've made. You never cease to amaze!

DanJohansen responds:

Thanks m8/ Put a lot of work into creating deep emotions, hope it is conveyed to every listener! Also, thanks for the continous support, it's not gone unnoticed.

Beautiful and mystical, transports you into another world. The guitar work in this is fantastic, with acoustic like sounds... the enviroment, atmosphere, mood and feel only come to life even more so due to those melodic strings :P

This is fantastic, I gotta say I absolutly love your metal tunes (hell, Celestial Fantasy is one of my favourite tunes of all time) but this project seems to be bringing your classical and symphonic skills up the fucking heavens.

DanJohansen responds:

Woah awesome review man, loved reading that. Didn't know you dug Celestial Fantasy that much either, I'm honoured! When I was making Highlands at the end of last year I started to feel like I should solidify a concept for my future metal tunes, and I also felt like Cuintha wasn't big enough in detail and scope to be a fully fleshed out world, which led to Pt.II.

I hope you enjoy my coming tunes in the coming weeks, personally some of the ones I will be posting are some of the tunes I am most pleased with.

Exceptional, brother. Your guitar is like silk and the ambient environment here, is very calming on my tinnitus! haha. This has been on repeat for some time, now, as I achieve a calmer state of mind. This is the kind of thing that every musician strives for. To make music that transcends a listener to a different state of mind. As a musician, I found myself enveloped by the music and emotion.
I have no critiques, as I'm pretty sure you've reached a level, that even other musicians just sit and absorb the emotion you bring.


DanJohansen responds:

That was one in-depth awesome feedback bro. I am glad it could calm your tinnitus haha, man, I dig how you always make your problems into positive energy, inspiring way of thinking.

Glad you found it to your enjoyment and thanks for the continous support brother!

Brilliant is all that comes to mind when trying to explain this! I almost voted 5 right off the bat because this is so good.

DanJohansen responds:

Nice! Helps me a lot getting the music spread, preciate it!

Would love to see a full piano version of this. Whatever, this seriously is one awesome piece to - hopefully - be heard by many. Well played sir.

DanJohansen responds:

Not a bad idea actually, I might do that sometime. Thanks for the feedback!