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Reviews for ""ClayFrolic""


I was very impressed with how smooth the animation was, it was very well done and I would like to see more.

Amazing Claymation....

usually newgrounds is more of a flash place, and im personally fond of flash, but you really blew me away with the claymation. smooth, sharp, really great. great job, man.

Wow, it was sure hard to make this

But I loved it! Nice effort! Even thought it's short, it still is cool looking.


this isnt realy flash but its still awsome XD


Concidaring that clay animation can be much more difficult than any otherkind of animation, what you did is great.

The movements are fluids and smooth, the camera does not shake, wich prooves you've already done that before. You already found the weaker part of it: the sound. Maybe you should work with a sound logiciel to adjust it if you're not abble to do it direclty in flash.

Excellent job.