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Reviews for ""ClayFrolic""

great, espesialy for 6 hours

although you need to work on your scene transitions, they were a bit jumpy this time


I was very impressed with how smooth the animation was, it was very well done and I would like to see more.

Wow, it was sure hard to make this

But I loved it! Nice effort! Even thought it's short, it still is cool looking.

theres a time and a place for everthing...

i still dont believe that newgrounds is a place for clamation, nor frame by frame toy animations, but as far as it goes... you rock! these morphs are so cool and expertly done. the heck with storyboarding. Id stick to morphs.... just slightly more intricate as you go.

TheSJproduction responds:

Thanks! :P Yeah, I have a whole library of morphing, but i'm going to upload some storyline claymations soon. Thanks for the feedback :P


Like this very much.