Reviews for "Pyroscape 3"


Hey guys, nice flash.

I enjoyed it for the most part, but there are a few things I'd like to point out.

- I know you guys aren't actors, and I know that if there was any goofiness in the acting that it was more than likely done intentionally. While it made the series funner than it would be to see you guys acting completely serious all the times, I think at parts the goofiness was a little bit overdone. The dialing of the president seemed a little too much, besides that though, the acting is what makes the games unique.

- The art was nothing special unfortunately, I understand that it most likely wasn't mean to look incredible... I just wish that the zombies looked a bit more realistic than they do, it would have been nice to see that.

- The animation, what little that there is in the flash was okay, besides the zombie's legs not moving and all of that - If I remember correctly anyway, they just come closer and closer to you. It would have been a better experience to play the game if they moved though, more realistic anyway.

- Besides the zombies movement, I really liked the FPS part of the game. Having a 'real' hand that I can shoot from was funny, and awesome. If the zombies were to have looked more realistic it would have definitely made that part of the game very good. What if you were to have had a person dress up in a zombie outfit for those parts? And just have a picture of that zombie person in a few different costumes that comes closer and closer to the camera, rather than the zombie drawing that you used? I think that would have made the FPS part a whole different experience.

- The last part was okay, I laughed at the end as I got blown up almost out of nowhere. Although it made me wonder what else there was after jumping all of the nukes. Perhaps I'll have to play again some time and find out.

Anyways, overall an enjoyable game, I just wish that a few things were improved.

It's too bad to see that this is the last of the series though, if it really is anyway... I've enjoyed my time playing them.

~ Cheers

MonoFlauta responds:

Things you pointed
1- Yes, they aren't actors and well, the idea of that part was to make it funny, you are the first one that didn't like it :( sorry, we failed you, well they, i am not an actor MUAHAHAHAHA
2- Yes, the zombies werent a strong part, but, the idea was to make something hilarious not something wow in art, just that, check them more near and you will see how funny they are :P
3- Mmm, nice idea lol, we will have to think it very well for a sequel. Thanks lol
4- Nothing, just come small nukes (3) and then a big one that you can't avoid and go to credits :P

And well, as I said, isn't the last one :)
Thanks for reviweing!
Best regards,


Another fun installment to the series. It is clear that you guys are having fun making these games and that enthusiasm really helps to make the game more enjoyable.

I have to agree with Haggard that the games could've been longer and more difficult. Though that last game with the nukes is kinda difficult since you don't know what to do or expect at first and then BAM you're hit by a nuke already. I was then missing a replay button at the end. Not a huge deal since I can just reload the page to start over again, but still... it'd be more convenient if there was a replay button.

I think the drawings could improve as well at some points. Like those zombies didn't look too good in all honesty, but that FPS part was still nicely done in my opinion.

Overall 8 out of 10, 4 out of 5. I think the first Pyroscape game was still the best in the series, but this one is pretty nice too. While you said it was the series finale, I hope there will still be another sequel. Congrats on the Underdog of the Week award by the way.


MonoFlauta responds:

Hi Auz, first of all, it will not be the last of the series, but something strange will happen, will be surprise :P also, yes, the idea of the zombies was just hilarious, as everything lol, didnt want to make a nice art but well, is acceptable that some people consider it bad, i guess it can be just good or bad. About the end, yes, you are right, sorry for that weak point in the game :(
Other thn that, glad you liked the game and yes, as in movies, there isnt nothing like the first one, but we always try to make it better :)
Best regards;


-Glad to see the third installment of the epic adventure out. Took me some time to get around to playing it but i'm sure glad that I did. I've really liked how this series incorporates real life action and flash together. Plus I see it's won underdog of the week. Well deserved but I still wish it could of had a higher score since it's deserving of it.

-Title screen is very inviting and music goes great with it and throughout the game. The minigames could prove a little difficult for a casual gamer but they are pretty simple and getting through them isn't too much of a problem. Nice incorporation of the medals again and was able to get them all.

-The story just keeps getting more dramatic as it goes along it seems. Some pretty interesting lines as well. Great acting and the action scenes were pretty intense. Wasn't sure how you guys were able to get through it all unscathed but then I remembered I was in the presence of real hardened men who could survive even nukes.

-Review Request Club

MonoFlauta responds:

haha, thanks for the big review. I am very glad of people liking the games I participate in the making so, is like another trophie with the underdog of the week, with two trophies I am happy :D
Thanks again for reviewing :)

Nice game

The unbelievable adventure of Nick and Corey continues. If I wouldn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it.

The mix between real life action scenes and action games is pretty good. The scenes in between the games aren't too long, though the games might have been a bit longer and maybe a bit more difficult, heh.

But anyway, the scenes are funny and the games are entertaining, so I guess everything is all right here.

The only thing that bothers me is that sometimes the voices create some static noises. Those are really annoying and hurt my ears.

Other than that: Good work!

{ Review Request Club }

PS: Congrats on winning the Underdog of the Week!

MonoFlauta responds:

static noises? are they very loud? just because i cant hear team lol, anyway, sorry if they appear probably is because the camera or the microphon.
Other than that
great that you like the game!
Thanks for reviewing!

I like it

But I can't get the secret medal.. can you please give me an hint? thanks

MonoFlauta responds:

head, shoulder, knees and...