Reviews for "Pyroscape 3"

great intro

was that dasani water you were using??? hahaha
seriously great made me laugh my ass off. i also love that you can contrl the characters .

MonoFlauta responds:

It was PyroWater... just in case :P
Thanks for reviewing :P


I enjoyed this one, you went all out and put even more time into it then the last one. I like how you added both elements of flash and video. I'M THE BEST MAYNE I DEED IT.

MonoFlauta responds:

Lol, great, thanks a lot for the review, and, are you the best?! OMG! lol The best reviewed the game! lol thanks :P


Hah, you know I love this series. I simply love your work, it's just awesome, you guys are completely funny, and the story is entertaining, it really envolves us and it made me go back and play the 2 first games. Really great ending!!

So, the gameplay is pretty good, I loved every part of it, you guys acting was hilarious, REALLY loved it guys, I feel kinda bad that it's the end of the serie, I had some loud laughs playing the first 2 games, and I expected an even funnier final. And it was!

Loved the idea of doing a kind of interactive video, where we killed those zombies, and I wondered the hard work you guys done to do this game. It should have been a really cool and funny work. We can see you guys had a great time when you were shooting the parts of the flash. And that's really awesome.

Overall, I loved the game, really funny and good, loved each second of it, it's really worth the wait! Good luck to you guys, hope you keep doing awesome things like this one. And sorry for the rushed review, I have other things to do now. Awesome work, great Finale!!

- RogerBK -

MonoFlauta responds:

Awesome, glad you really like it. I really like reding this type of reviewing beacuse they show that all the hard work it was really useful!
Thanks really a lot for reviewing RogerBK,
Best regards,


This flash is very good, the scenes were pretty creative mainly with the first shooter part. And when your on the building gets pretty hard at times, and so does the nuke part. Nice humor and the medals as usual, but like everyone else says it is too short but then again making a long flash game is harder. Just keep up the good work guys.

MonoFlauta responds:

Thanks, we are looking foward of making some extra for pyroscape :) thanks for reviewing!

Random Flash

I don't really understand the concept, but maybe that's because I've never played Pyroscape 1 or 2. This game does make me want to play them both, though!

- Humor
- Easy controls and difficulty
- Medals
- Music

- Too short

Making videos like this to be perfect is hard, though, so it's understandable. Everything is original and random, and I did have a few good laughs. Great flash!

MonoFlauta responds:

great, glad you like it, yeah maybe too short, you should check Pyro 1 and 2!
Thanks for reviewgin