Reviews for "Goo Bob"


love this game !

moondragon the nerd!!!

I think you dont know what good game is, so I think you friend of Justin Bieber


great fun!.. nice clean grafix.. simple yet challenging game play..
really liked the whole look and feel of this game.
a wicked way to waste time!

Simple yet amazing

This shows that you can make a very simple and yet amazing game.

-Great feel, and physics, and it gets challenging. Graphics are nice too.
-At one point I felt that the increase in difficulty could've been better. There are a couple of levels more to the end that are actually quite simple. But this can be good to, because you get a little moment to relax.

Keep it up!


works fin here too some people COUGH COUGH MOONDRAGON COUGH just dont know how to play even though its only got 2 buttons to push must be to complicated for him or something oh and dont barrel through level 4