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Reviews for "Bieber Metamorph"

to much hate on bebeir to make a game of him about doing pathetic thingsl.
The game is good, you seem to have put some work on it.
but ill put 2.5 bcz the idea is kinda off.

So I just finished the game and wow. I LOVE it! Especially the singing at the end! "thought you was be mine!" LMFAO! But besides all the laughs, The graphics were about a 7/10, the music was cool so about a 8/10, and for the fun I'd rate about a 10/10. The ONLY problem I had was lag when there was ALOT of people but it was a fun game and I love it! So I'm giving it a 5/5 and 10/10 all together! P.S you should make a sequel to this one! P.P.S you should make the ending song where the weird guy is singing it a mp3! I'd also get that too! LMAO! :)


I bairly relized what this was

Hilarious but tedious.

I ended up on this flash in the search for medals and ended up with a far different experience than I expected. I first began the game after having read very little believing that it'd be pretty self-explanatory, and although it likely was I ended up initially pretty confused. At first I simply wasn't looking around for the van and ended up just waltzing around with a pair of little'uns at my feet, rather confused. After seeing the initials (which made me laugh, 'jail bait' and 'Justin Bieber' both fitting them), I finally worked it out and began to play properly.

Generally the controls and movement feel pretty clunky and sluggish. At first I barely noticed that I was moving simply due to the slow speed, and that was the main issue I found throughout. Even with speed upgrades (I ended up with either three or four at the end), it just seemed uncontrollably slow and I didn't notice the difference particularly at all.

The whole premise I found very funny. I recall a while ago reading a false news article (likely via The Onion), about Bieber being a middle-aged man in a mask and such, and this seems to be pretty similar, albeit with natural ageing substituting the coverup. Although very disturbing, the idea of him dragging such innocent little girls into the back of his van admittedly gave me a good laugh and left you open for some good gameplay mechanics.

Quite possibly the highlight of the whole thing were the sounds you make as you reach the van. They were crude and beg the question of 'what were you thinking?', however each time I heard it once again I had a slight chuckle to myself - which says a lot about my sense of humour, but hey. Otherwise in the audio department it was all positive, too, with fitting (albeit not outstanding) music going along throughout the whole ride.

Although simplistic, I really liked the general direction you went for the art. The large-head-small-body thing is something that I am rather fond of in games like this and it complemented everything else relatively well. There was also good variation in characters, and although sometimes I'd see identical characters it rarely happened in the same level until I got to the point where the street is essentially a huge clusterfuck with more people (and more police D:) spawning. Everything looked nice and clean (which cannot be said for the humour ;D).

In conclusion, I liked just about everything about this flash other than the most important thing: the gameplay. Although fine, the overall clunkiness, slow movement speed and the lack of variation that seemed to come around as I continued to play just came together to make the whole thing feel tedious, despite otherwise being a humorous and polished piece of work.

6/10, 3/5. I'd say for you to keep on creating great flashes, however I see you submitted one just yesterday.

Pretty good.

This was a good game. I like the idea of it the animation was alright but seemed to overuse box shapes. The story was pretty good but it is kind of creepy thinking about some 50 year old guy luring small girls into his van. The upgrades were very good. All were helpful and reasonably priced. The controls were simple and easy to get used to. There were many medals to collect. The game was addicting at first but seemed to get boring after doing the same thing every round. This would benefit from levels or different locations. Overall a well put together game.

PS:Secret medal is to go behind the vending machine in the top left.