Reviews for "Bob Needs Human Hearts"


At the begining first i thought it was a childs song, later i saw the mass killing the blood the violence the gore, pretty cool tho. The anamation was awsome and the song. U got my 10 :)


"Also you've got like... 3 hearts! Right?"

Fairly Solid.

Save a few issues, the video was overall good. The animation was tight, the sound was good, and it all fit together fairly well. There are some issues, mostly near the end, where the animation looks a little crude (for example the unicorn is way out of place compared to the rest of the animation). But overall a enjoyable little flash that gets the job done, it's just a little rough arround the edges.

Organ donation lol

Funny flash, you should definitely submit the song to the Audio Portal. Shout out to Dom Fera, waiting on the Lazar Collection 5!


This is front page material right here...
Good animation, catchy song, violence NG is known for... at the very least this should have a 4.4 rating.