Reviews for "Hoody vs Gravitee"

I just have to ask

Was that not a picture of a black hole at the end? Also don't use old shitty memes.

Very good!

This is really amazing! It was short, but funny and entertaining. The graphics, they weren't great but they were acceptable and I can say that not only the graphics mater in a video. The idea, was a common one : two super powered stick figures fighting each other'' but also is one of the most entertaining ideas. The powers they used were also quite funny because the face you introduced in them. Also, the music fit the animation well and the special effects sounds were good as well. This animation could have gotten a 10/10 if:
#1) It had better graphics.
#2) It would have been a little longer.
#3) It would have used another idea. (just for the originality)
Anyway, this animation get's a 8/10 and a 4/5 from me.
Thank you for doing this for Newgrounds, for us!


please make more

2 words and a letter

golf ball Z

tiz great

I'd be pretty pissed

If some fucked up my hole-in-one.