Reviews for "Hoody vs Gravitee"

your welcome :3

In the credits it say Nato and that's my name so I guess I did something :3. anyway great animation it was very fluid

Holy s**t

This is probably the reason why god never game man super powers
GJ man!


It's mediocre, at best. The concept of stick figures and stick figures fighting with absurd power has been done many, many times before. It's nothing original, it's short as can be, and it's- even for a stick figure fighting video- pretty bad! If it's one of your first videos, I guess it's a nice way to start out. But continuous videos like this will get you no where. It's just not fun, in any form. So it doesn't matter if it's one of your first, because reviewers should be comparing a video to other videos. Better videos, worse videos. All videos go within the same category. There is no special treatment due to how or why the video was made. It's just not good.

Woah.. just woah.

That was awesome (no dip, you did get 3rd for daily award.) I <3 the explosion at the end BTW.

Good job

but you need more practice and you need to plot scenes better.