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Reviews for "DuoCore - Dignity"

I love the length of it, and keep making epic drops xtrullor! ;)

Alright, so i decided to have a listen to some dubstep songs from early 2010's to see which ones have aged well and are still tolerable, with that i mean i can still enjoy at least some stuff they bring to the table.
Xtrullor is one of those artists that never really fell to the generic dubstep train of that time, even when his fans demanded it, as he actually tried to make the songs sound good for him, and not for kids with no good taste (yeah i used to be one of those sadly), and this means his songs are one of those few that have aged pretty good.
This song isnt trying to be generic, although you can hear it still uses some really overused effects, even if they arent as used as in other songs. The heavy synths used here are actually enjoyable, although the "wah-wahs" arent so much. I like some "orchestral" arrangements used here, Xtrullor does put effort in them and i like it. I would've loved if the song had a bigger melodic interlude, i feel that could've fit the song really well. Plus the song feels just a little bit repetitive, as it doesn't really go anywhere at first, until the middle part arrives but falls too short before going back to the heavy synths and high notes.
Although i must say this song is quite catchy, while im writing this i can still hear the chorus banging, and its not annoying, its a catch you enjoy having in your head, if you know what i mean, but its almost the only thing you are left with as this song doesn't go away from there.
Dont get me wrong, this song is pretty good, and aged well, its just not a song i would love to listen a dozen times again. It could (and should) be longer, but as it is, is fine. In my opinion, this song is not bad as it actually stands out from all those generic dubstep songs, but does that make it perfect? Eh not really, but did i enjoy it after not listening to it for years? Yes, i did, and thats why im giving it the score im giving and not 0 stars.