Reviews for "Hunters - Stage 4"

another cool efhisode


havent played yet -

but havent reviewed the others yet either - - i LOVE this series - people dont get that putting top tier voice work into a fun simple ( i know not that simple for you haha) game like this makes it sooo much more human, personable, and fun - gives the game a LIFE!

and i CANT wait for omahdon - he's one of my favorites!

n e ways -grats to you for this awesome series - and grats to Dmac for assembling the voicing and sound and all - its very very well done

yay, another hunters episode!

waiting for the game to start, so i'll pre-write here. as i can see, there's a ninja on the screen. they're at some jungle planet where's the third orb. jungle, temple and an eternal ninja guard guarding an artifact of unimaginable power. what else is new? well it's loaded, so we'll see what the game offers..

this was, compared to the others, good and relaxing, though it stuck in few parts. nothing too special about this one, but if we go to the thing how real it gets, i gotta say: how the hell did our hero breathe underwater? at least you could've made there diving gear, wouldn't been so big job.

another standoff with hunters. it's like every stage ends with a s**tload of hunters getting their asses kicked by player. doesn't make much sense. mizar, the leader still rages when she sees the hero and meaninglessly doing everything to destroy her. well, at least it's different from earlier stages, because it was completely same in earlier stages, without motivation. this time she seems like she has some, and it doesn't actually matter to player anymore. hell, she's always like that.

well, our heroes now have all three orbs, so what now? getting captured by giant hunter ship, trying but failing in getting them to safety, or avior betraying our hero in the tightest of moments and taking all orbs for his own good?

this part was good as it left many questions unanswered.

Cool game

Nice game like the underwater music aswell

I chaned mah mind Rina.

I changed my mind I'll say this got me good.Now I think d WHOLE HUNTERS SERIES IS FILLED WIT AWE!!!