Reviews for "Inner Darkness"

That pendant looks familiar!

Ooo... I remember that pendant from a couple of pictures back, in your gallery! :B
Great work. I really feel cold just looking at the setting she's in. You're great with meticulous detail. I would take MONTHS to finish a piece like this.

Actually - just out of curiosity, how long DOES a piece like this normally take you?

AlvinHew responds:

This one was about a week's worth of work.

Very observant of you to notice her pendant! You can actually visit my dA if you want the full story, I decided not to post it on NG cause it's kind of long.

Thanks for your review. :-D

Such a beautiful piece of art!

This is such a beautiful picture!
You're cool! :-)
Cold-hearted :-S
Aaaaand, yep, the detail's amazing!

Such a beautifull piece!

You're so skilled, the detail in her armor and clothing is amazing... great work!


you can just feel her sadness


she has a cold look like she just kicked some major ass and then pities them.

me like that style!