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Reviews for "K.O.L.M.I.A.M."


I FINSIHED THE WHOLE GAME!!!!!!!!!!.....till level 20.
AWSOME game.
very nice and interactive atmosphere.nice texture to suit almost all computers.
You took care about little things also....
and the music was very engrossing. was not bored at all.
Thanking You
Pratik Garg

Another one!!

Yet another addicting game by The EXP.

I knew it!

I saw this like 4 or 3 months ago, and I tried to find it again and NEVER SAW IT. Eventually i was like, Did i imagine that!? But yea! I finally found it :D great job on the game, its perfect for a pick up and play kind of feel. LOVE the music!

OMFG! This game is amazing, but I about flipped out when I found out that in challenge mode your deaths are woth penalties. I made it in 13:44, but because of all my deaths I didn't beat it in under 15 minutes D:<

that's alot of medals 4 1 game