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Reviews for "K.O.L.M.I.A.M."

Very fun!

Loved the idea of 1 minute adventures. Some levels were a bit harder than others so perhaps think about the order of levels as they appear. Very minor control issues but solid otherwise.

By the way, is Level 20 medal bugged? Or is there another way of beating it?

A great game

but it lags even on the lowest setting. Oh well. Can't wait for K.O.L.M 2! oh and even though it's still got considerable lag 5/5!


I enjoy the short and speedy nature of the game, but this very speed is also its greatest drawback. There is literally no margin for error, and if you aren't ready for it, this game will kick your ass. It's hard for me to get into that to the extent this game calls for.
That said, this game's visual style and music are phenomenal in their deceptively simple yet elegantly assembled natures. It captures the flavor of the game- mainly of the original, actually, but the point still stands. Great work.


The game is a lot of fun controls are simple the music is awesome really great job. however I started to lag around level 6 and it just kept getting worse so I can't finish it at this time but I'll return to it once I get home and have my better computer

There was glitch in my playthrough

But it didn't matter the game is great. Just to inform you about the glitch I was in level 10 at camera 5 (The room to the left). I got killed by a small enemy and after I disintegrated I pressed "R" to start over and that's where the glitch occurred. I respawned in camera 0 then 4 and the cameras kept switching back and forth over and over again. I tried pressing "R" and "P" but nothing worked so I just refreshed the game and never had a problem after that. Anyway, great work on the game.