Reviews for "K.O.L.M.I.A.M."

Pretty Good!

It´s really fun:) but it´s got some bugs, in stage 5 I get stuck in the happy face room: http://img207.imagevenue.com/img.php?
image=220948832_Sinttulo_122_472lo.jp g

In room 8 I appeared in a room with water and 3 little cubes to reach the exit (is on the upper-left corner ) I lost and the second time I exit normally.

I didn´t play K.O.L.M. so I can´t compare but I like this one for sure. Good Work:D

First one was better

Limited time is annoying, and so is the fact that you have to get the same upgrades on each level.


makes me feel like metroid :D

Played it once, and now...

I seem to have a loading glitch. Been loading for 15 minutes now...

Would give you more, but this glitch sucks :c

Excellent Spin-off!

Really good game. Even though I'd rather K.O.L.M, this one is really good! It doesn't have that climate of love/betrayal from Mother, it is a good challenge to play, and improve yourself in the game.

It has a great gameplay, principally when getting Double/Triple Jump. It gets really... hmm... swift. Also, the music continues great, and epic.

Well, it's a spin-off, and it is a great game, if compared to spin-off games.
On the wait for K.O.L.M 2!