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Reviews for "K.O.L.M.I.A.M."


the only reason im giving it a nine is because of the orginal kolm, with most games a speed challenge version is cool but kolm(from what i saw in the game) was supposed to be slow paced, you were not supposed to just run in guns ablaze, you were suppose to stop wait a minute and take note of the details so you can get through the room alive

Weird but great!

This was an extremely innovative game because it just had so much going on! The graphics were downright fantastic and I wish I knew how you were able to make it like that. Sheesh, the effect of the screen jumping around seems to still be taking effect as I write this review! I also like the music and how it's as zany as the game is! The only problem I have is that I can simply not get pasted Level 5 and I have no idea what I am doing wrong. At least you were nice enough to give us a medal after completing each level.

It's amazing just to watch this little guy jump around and interact in his environment. I thought it unlikely he would gain a new skill in every level. It was good how there were different powers to gain in most of the levels as well. It's an amazing world you have created for yourself. It's the kind that makes the player want to advance.

Great Overall Game

Fun and easy to play, but the only gripe I have is after playing through and wanting to beat the challenge mode. I get to the end at 14:40, thinking i beat it in 15 minutes just barely, then to find out for the first time that dying gives you a 20 second penalty. That's just dumb, the 5 second respawn and reset at the entrance should be the only penalty. If anything make the medal "don't die in challenge mode", or just say there's a penalty somewhere in the game BEFORE the end screen 15 minutes later. Otherwise really fun, just had to rant after my fail.

Great game, but bugged!

It is sure a great puzzle/plataform came, and also cool soundtrack. The only bad thing is that it starts buggin' at some point. At level 11, in my case. The screen goes crazy.


KOLM and KOLMIAM are both incredible games. You sir, earn a cookie.