Reviews for "Jack Vs Oogie"


fucking BA bro

TaraGraphika responds:

Thanks Dude=)!!


i have to say you done an impressive job on the theme of the whole art very dramatic and quite violent, (not very violent but i been in a awsome way) and maybe it should look a little more darker and add more detail but simply perfect i should say the least.

TaraGraphika responds:


Since it's disney....I totally forget the Word Dark....=P


I think there's a little fail in colors, maybe you should have done it more... gray, specially for Oogie, and added some more bugs!! hahaha still your style is great =)

TaraGraphika responds:


Will Improve moar~~=D

One of the most unique Christmas movies

And it has been put into a grotesque piece of loveable artwork. With the cartoonized vioence with the nostalgic feeling of the lovable movie it combines in an amazing manner. I have loved this piece of artwork, but I forgot to comment earlier. Oopsies <3. Well congratulations on the great piece of art. Amazing movie and amazing art. Good job.

TaraGraphika responds:

It's ok if you haven't comment it before~~

Thanks, I really like this artwork, I think this is the best one this year~~

...Considering its the only one that got frontpage....=P


Thank you thank you thank you

this is one of my favorite movies thank you

TaraGraphika responds:

It's everyones favourite movies.=)