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Reviews for "Ban That Flup! 2"


50,000 times better than the original is an uderstatement. Tom Fulp is a musical genuis and i'm glad he put forth blood, sweat, and cum to help put this together with you. I'm not sure how this masterpiece was put together so quickly but i'm glad that I was able to play it soon after it reached the portal.

Manly-Chicken responds:

Lots of cum. SO MUCH CUM!


i am a fahggggzzz.. :(

Manly-Chicken responds:

You said it, not me. NO WAIT! I totally did!



Manly-Chicken responds:



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"*Some meaningless words written just appeared*. "Pure perfection for everyone who will end up with his/her* (*fems here? I don't believe it personally! It's impossible11) life pointless if just can't take simply a litlle very couple of moments during life-time in order to grand ban someone and at last handful of stuff by at last a few web sick bastards".

-Random Newgrounds user, it doesnt' have to mean myself.