Reviews for "Magic Miner"


Easily a great game in the making.
I like it already!
Keep up the good work, and maybe this WILL be a great RPG!

Why the black miner kill me ?

It is a good game but................Why the black miner kill me ?

(Asshole) =)

Couldnt beat the black miner...

saw him, then ran through building everything up to full, and had full gems and full health, and the bastard still has mor than a third of his hp...

so i guess.....wth?

Good concept though, needs to actually have sound. Magic should level higher, health should increase and it might be nice if it slowly restored on its own but if not thats fine. Oh...and there should be additional pickaxes or include some armor or something along those lines.

Aside from some basic elements of an rpg its pretty good. Cant wait to see the full thing

Has great potential.

Good so far but needs more sounds, music. Also will there be traps?

elmortem responds:

We want to expand the use and effects from magic. There will be traps and dynamite and a lot of different monsters (including aggressive ) and a lot of levels and storyline.

Liked the idea

But it did feel a little redundant after a while having to go relentlessly through all the blocks. I suppose it's situational about what kind of style of gaming you like, you like breaking through the blocks or you don't. Maybe try again when I feel a bit more patient? Patience is definitely something you need here because of all of the blocks but I still give it a thumbs up. I will look forward to what you make next :)