Reviews for "Zombehs Of Doom: Improved"

2/5 cause it stopped at 95 kills

up the spawn rate, add achivments and a store, freshen up the images and itll be awesome!
and please dont stop at 95 kills :(

Liozamu responds:

Thanks, I`m getting to work on another one.

I like it

Its good, just needs a few thigns added such as

A backround, some audio, and a main menu. I would also like some littl eblood animations when zombies die

Nice attempt, keep up the good work

Not bad

Simple fun shooter game that gets challenging very quickly, but it would be a bit better with something in the background and more sound effects or music.

Make a winning screen or make it endless

It appears that there are no more than 95 Zombies and if you kill them all nothing happens anymore...
So if the score reaches 95 make a simple "you win" screen or something similar, best if it makes the gamer laugh (:D) or just make the game endless...
It is a very basic shooter, but for your first game it seems to be okay.


Iv'e seen tons worse,..something that some folks here don't understand when rating.