Reviews for "Insectonator"

now i feel sorry for the bugs :(

awesome idea but makes me wanna wash-up

Good game thogh some of the guns specs are messed up for example the dragunov is suposed to be semi auto and all the asault rifles are the same slow speen they should fire way way faster, and the uzi should be way way faster good game but huge issues with ur lack of gun knowlege

it was good but when you needed to kill a diffrent bug every time i would be waiting for up to 5 min for the last bug so a little changes needed but great game

addictive,i know a bunch of women who would love getting revenge on bugs that came out of nowhere and scared them shitless and this game is the key...imagine it a woman getting geared up in camo just to play this game and go insane...yep there goes your gf/fiance/wife...