Reviews for "My Demons are fat"



Spac3case916 responds:


thanks ^^

what an insight

i didnt realized it to be so good !!
but infact ofcoz it was very good !!
And man you rock the arts...you do good portraying the dark things of world !

Spac3case916 responds:

thank you so much for your kind words!


Pretty good

-Really nice sketchy notebook drawing kind of style. You don't see this kind of drawing too much outside of the art portal. I'd actually suggest putting it there if it wasn't as interactive as it is. But seeing that it does have a good amount of interactivity it lends itself to being in the flash portal.

-Lots of interesting demon styles and the way that you designed them. Usually you see very standard little devil type of demons but yours are much different. It didn't bother me that every one was in a different window since there is something to go with them. Overall I found this pretty creative.

-Review Request Club

Spac3case916 responds:

I wasn't sure whether I should upload them into the portal as well.
seems kinda like I would be spamming newgrounds.
but i think i will anyway. Thanks for the suggestion.

Im glad you weren't bothered by it being opened in a different window.

Thanks for your review.

As a published poet...

I once knew "Blank" and "Hurt"; but now I'm mostly "Slow" and "Fail".

I did enjoy some of the accompanying artwork. Did you draw that yourself? It doesn't matter to me really, it was intriguing either way.

If you aren't already a writer, perhaps explore the possibility.

Spac3case916 responds:

Im glad that people can pick a combination of the titles and describe who they are.

Im glad that you liked it.
I did do the artwork and the writing.

I am not a writer but I am the son of a poet...so I think that's where I get that from : )

thanks for the review!


Well, I can't say much about the pictures/writings in this flash, you're style is really great!! My favorites are shallow, slow, war, hurt and math (who doesn't hates math?).
I love your monochromatic style, it's really fitting for this kind of themes.
The music was amazing too! It had a relaxing kinda disturbing feeling. I love it!

I'm giving you a 9 just because almost all the content of this flash was "outside". It would be better if you put the pictures inside of it and a button to watch them in high resolution at your deviantart page. For the ones that were too big to fit the screen you could have added a "rolling" feature, but that may have required a bit more of actionscript knowledge. The buttons were a little annoying too, I wish they had a bigger click area. Not sure if you can fix that, but I understand if you don't.

Overall it was an amazing flash! Keep it up!
(a little suggestion: in your library, right click your main menu image, go to properties and check the "Allow Smoothing" option. The rolling at the beginning will look smoother!)

Spac3case916 responds:

Thank you so much for your constructive review!

I can see how the "It would be better if you put the pictures inside of it and a button to watch them in high resolution at your deviantart page."
but this was never supposed to get as big as it did, and when it was this big I didn't have time to go back and mess with the foundation.

I have zero knowledge of actionscript

and htank you very very much for the tip!