Reviews for "Bullet Heaven"


This game was incredible. I actually made this account to say how awesome this is. Amazing work man, it's the perfect difficulty where it's challenging, but you feel a sense of accomplishment after you finally beat it. One small bug though, I played most of the game as Matt and bought all the bomb upgrades as him, but then if I tried to play with another character I would only have three bombs instead of four, even with the full upgrade. Nothing big but on those last levels you need all the bombs you can get. Awesome job, can't wait to see what's next.


I throughly engoyed this game, Admittingly it was difficult without cheats...near-impossible at some points (crab battle >.<) but addictive and a good addition to the series. Look forward to hopefully maybe seeing a Bullet Heaven 2 ? :)


This game is truly EPIC, shooter games are cool, keep doing more of these games

PD: in EPB3 when you got all the medals go to death (in volcano peak) and he will disapear and open a new area, Recommended Lv 40+ ^^"

love this game

theres nothing compared to it