Reviews for "Bullet Heaven"


Nice work matt, Keep it up!


LOL I died right when I killed the final boss....like wTF lolz?

Anyways Matt, good game-but you might wanna make it a bit less repetitive.

Also, for all players.

NOTE: When you try to finish all 20 levels with no heart upgrade, don't try to finish all lvls with a "S" rank. I got "S" rank in everything except the final level.

SERIOUSLY, WTF is with the last level?!?!?!?!

Recommended player: Matt

Reason: With him, getting an "S" rank is possible on all levels (I could do it with Matt but not anyone else)


plus me if u think Viwrinn should get a life >:( i think he is the first one who rated a 0 Boooooo to him


This is one of the best game I have ever played.. Every level is different in his way, and the graphics are awesome.. Keep up the great work! 10/10

Is this really Original

I mean this is a good game, but I found a game with at least 90% similarity called Embodiment of Scarlet Demon by Project Touhou which is really old. But if it is Original, then my bad. But like before, awesome game. But check out the Youtube on Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, it is really insane, especially Flandre Scarlet.