Reviews for "Bullet Heaven"

Epic Game

Nice comeback MLS! Its purteh! And fun! 10!!!1!!

gota say =3

i wonder if matt wanted to make a different game for a change cause gee... this is hard like tohou =3

Like trying to dodge rain.

This game, despite its intense difficulty, was really fun to play. I managed to beat the game without cheats, but even with cheats it is hard. This is the kind of game where you must memorize the bullet patterns to even hope to beat a level, just like another game I know. Overall, it was a fun game with excellent music and animation. I give this game a perfect 10/10.

Great and Amazing Work

Thanks Matt for another new nice amazing game ^^ I like it even it's not an RPG that it has lots of cool things and skills. Besides, I wanna thank Phyrnna too for the nice music and I'm really enjoying to listen to the music while I'm playing.

Keep it up and all the best ^_~v

played this while i was in the hospital.