Reviews for "Bullet Heaven"

havent played yet.

here anyway, played it on your devian art page. super fun

loved every bit of this

such vibrant colors such a challenge and i like how at the end the white and blackish redish bullets make you feel like your playing ikagura seems were not the only one who like that game for a top down shooter anyway this game is a great keeper i liked it especially the crab heh heh play bubble crabs theme from megaman X2 or X5 while playing that lol


Oh God. Even the bullets shoot bullets!

The Master Rater

Amongst the over-head shooter games I've played, and I've played...well not many but I've played the classics. And this could go down as one. The gameplay is solid, the enemies are amazing and full of variety and the music is nothing short of great, since it's from your epic battle fantasy games. So here's the laydown.

Music: Great. It has a wide variety of music for the different levels and the proper situations.

Gameplay: Solid, it's a good type of game and it's got different levels with different situations. They're not random, you clearly thought everything through. Survival, not though, since that's random all the time to prevent us from memorizing and getting to the highest levels of Survival possible, which is a good thing for difficulty. Loved the variety of characters that you put in the game, each of them good for their own situation. Whether it was No-Legs the good starter for beginners, and could pull a little bit of his own weight, so he's kinda interesting for gamers who want a BIG challenge, Matt, with his burst sword style, good for mobs and bosses alike, and Natt, with a shooting style that takes skill to fully master. I won't reveal the other character,s I'm not ruining the game with this review.

Difficulty: The difficulty has a very good learning curve. It starts off quite easy, but at the end of the game and on the bonus levels it really gives any player a run for their money. It took me quite a few tries to get through the last 6 or so levels. Plus, the cheats add a good bonus for anybody that's interested in actually BEATING the game without difficulty and just for fun.

Graphics: Nothing short of AMAZING! The amount of creatures that you put in this thing is awesome. I loved encountering enemies that I found in the other epic battle fantasy games, and was even more glad to see some of the enemies that I'd never seen before. Could the final boss be a difficult enemy to come into Epic Battle Fantasy 4? Who knows? That would be an amazing fight.

Overall: This is definitely a game that I'm putting into my favorites, and I hope other people do too. This game made me put in one of my longest reviews to date. So here's hoping that we see some more work like this that comes out of you, so none of us lose our sanity while waiting for Epic Battle Fantasy 4 next year. Good luck in your future endeavors.

matt-likes-swords responds:

Thanks :P

Everything is perfect, but!

You should have a reset button, so we can start back at 0! :D