Reviews for "Bullet Heaven"


matt one thing you should add is the abillity to transfer you game from other sites so we dont have to replay from lvl one

My eyes hurt...

But it was worth it! Really the ranking system, enemies, projectile pattern and styles, storms of projectiles, bosses, and god the light shows. Glad you had the option to use some cheats... only used them on the last boss who kept whooping me left and right... pure genius work... Well I need to take a break... eyes are strained and honestly never played a game that gave me this much an intense focus work.

10 for 10, 5 for 5, favorite, all characters unlocked, working on bonus levels, not touching survival yet, aiming for the medals.

This is pure gold!


Ok I'm going to take a break for my eyes now :D

Woo! Awesome game!

Thank goodness for the mouse feature too, if not for that I'd never be able to dodge the bullets and get As for the 4 bonus stages!

All the strong points of this game are there: excellent gameplay, graphics, etc. I really enjoyed them.

Character-wise, they are pretty unbalanced. NoLegs and Matt are the best two (Matt being my personal favourite), and in particular Matt has extremely good damage and offense, especially his subweapon, and he has the added advantage of an extra bomb. The unlocked characters are quite disappointingly weak compared to the default 2.

This is one game I'd constantly replay until I can get every single medal. Great work!

I dont usuallt text but OMG=)

this game is fan freakin tastic

It is a little different outake on the EBF games, but I still love it, is something different with the same awesome characters which have a variety of their own abilities which effects how you play the game, great fun. :3