Reviews for "Bullet Heaven"

(my friend) woah. (me) i kno

a few upgrades, 5 characters, some power ups and bombs, and a whole lot of bullets. gr8 game.

A Grand Challenge as Always!

Great work on this SHMUP, guys! I can't wait to finish it when I get a chance. I still have EBF 2 & 3 to get out the way, but this is an interesting change of pace.

Phyrnna, I thank you much for what I believe was taking my review of your "Searching..." song seriously and having it applied to a SHMUP, which has turned out to be developed by none other than-- matt-likes-swords! It did as I imagined: calming and helped me get some of my best (and worst, for now ^^) scores.

Matt, you never cease to please with your work! I especially liked it when one of your pro-tips actually mentioned "hitboxes". I saw a video about the history of SHMUP/bullet he[aven], games not too long ago, and thought it was nice that this sort of information was actually shared in the game, thanks!

Keep up the wonderful productions you dynamic duo, you are!


very good game

very fun. the game has a lot of upgrades and a good amount of levels. it will keep you busy for a while

I did it

Took me a while but I beat the game. By the way who is Anna, how do I unlock her, an when did she meet Matt, Natalie, and Lance?

Great Game!!

The art and gameplay is done very. The one bug I have seen (still need to test it out) is that when I die, I am still able to to collect coins. Is that your intention? Great job.

Btw, for those who are complaining, checkout every feature of the game before you write a review and start complaining. In the CREDITS, he says, "Inspired by: Touhou, Ikaruga, Dodopachi, Frantic, Death vs. Monstars etc."