Reviews for "Bullet Heaven"

I would call this, without much hesitation, perhaps the Best among your Productions, and also those of your Composer. The Soundtrack is rather small, but most every Track on it is an Earworm. There is no Story involved, but I do not mind, because the Gameplay is entirely enjoyable. The later Stages may, for their Challenges, prove a little frustrating, but I do not think that I have yet 'Rage quit' this one. I also like being able to unlock different Characters, though I stick largely to Matt before Lance is unlocked, at which Time I tend to switch to him. If I have any Criticisms, it is that none of No-Legs, Natalie, or Anna really feel as though they have Benefit enough to be worth playing, but I suppose they may suit others better than they do me.

Having played some others among your Games, I find it rather remarkable how very cleanly they tend to play. I have never encountered a technical problem with one which was not more than likely owing to the Age and relative Weakness of this old Laptop. I suppose that makes me think you may well have a bright Future in this if you keep at it.

matt-likes-swords responds:


How do you get Anna? How can I play Touhou?

The no legs and natalie use character 10 times medals are broken.

I wont let me get the medals.

Another incredible game by Matt! I loved the mass variety of pretty much everything - - - The attacks, the characters, the enemies themselves when they get killed... The music was great too! And lastly, lots of medals! xD