Reviews for "Bullet Heaven"

yes only nine

nine but only because there was no ending..


I finally got almost all the medals except for the 3 heart challenge. Good game though, and also the last boss was my favorite boss of all times. The fact that this game put you in pressure and in extreme situation just pumps you up! *Note* This is not recommended for people who can't dodge very well, but then again they can practice. Matt you made the best game on Ng.com and other sites.

My eyes hurt...

But it was worth it! Really the ranking system, enemies, projectile pattern and styles, storms of projectiles, bosses, and god the light shows. Glad you had the option to use some cheats... only used them on the last boss who kept whooping me left and right... pure genius work... Well I need to take a break... eyes are strained and honestly never played a game that gave me this much an intense focus work.

10 for 10, 5 for 5, favorite, all characters unlocked, working on bonus levels, not touching survival yet, aiming for the medals.

This is pure gold!


Ok I'm going to take a break for my eyes now :D

What, no spellcards? :D

Thats gotta be the best hell shooter flash game there is. Good thing I played every touhou game and I was prepared for this :D. I even find some of the paterns familiar

Not too hard

And it's loads of fun too, just like most of the games you do XD (this can be a bit challengin' at first, once you get the hang of it it's not too hard) and bein' a touhou fan this game ain't hard for me :P