Reviews for "Bullet Heaven"


So much fun! very entertaining game.

I could play this game...

... Or I could just play touhou, which is artful, polished, better music, better sound... and this is a ripoff of it. The first girl even looks like Marisa for crying out loud!

matt-likes-swords responds:

yeah, touhou invented anime.

I like it.

Because I'm perfectly able to 1cc Touhous on normal, I feel obliged to S every single level.
Also, no health upgrades for me.

I'm so doomed.


I have sunk like 4 hours into this ( then i accidentally wiped my save ).

Beautiful and fun. Liked the shift option that showed your hit box also.

Again, great game.


It's one of those games I hate with a passion. This is because I love them so much, I wind up playing for five hours straight and almost miss my Uni lectures :P