Reviews for "Bullet Heaven"

This game is too dope and i never usually like these kinds of games.

Hey Matt, I realy like your arcade game design and its continuelly harder level build. Sadly sometimes the item magnet does not work correctly (some items just drop by you even if you are right next to them). Another thing thats dropping my rating is the fact that after completing most of the levels there is nothing to do with the cash. Maybe add some cool designs for the characters or a few skill shot upgrades? Is Anna supposed to be the strongest character of them all? In my oppinion she is pretty weak for her late appearance. Which player base had you in mind when creating the game? Did you test it to the end? At first sight the last levels feel like designed for korean hardcore players (that is a good thing) ;D The achievements are all nicely spread from easy to challenging. Personally I prefer Lance as a character. Also nice is Natalie, but the rest does not quite catch me.

All in all it is a great game. Thanks for publishing it.

lol game

pretty good for passing the time.

amazing game with really good music to it and challenging bosses I love it