Reviews for "Bullet Heaven"

If you can't tell by my icon, I'm a big Touhou fan, so this was a godsent.

Gameplay: Star
Challenging gameplay across all levels, that rivals even ZUN's work on the harder difficulties

Art: Star
Beautiful as always! The bosses in this are especially intimidating.

Sound: Half-star
For whatever reason, this game's soundtrack never stuck with me like the main EBF series music, but, oh well.

Story: Half-Star
This game has very little story...or at least as much story as is in standard Touhou games so i can' fault ya too hard.

Entertainment: Star
Definetly one of the better Touhou like games made! I would certainly reccomend this to all danmaku fans

Nicely, it's a game of dream.

Very good and hard game for fans of bullet hell.

Great game.

and my eyes began to hurt after i played dis for about 3 hours straight in teh row

mai lawd
mai eyes

Cool. Where can i get the in level music?