Reviews for "Bullet Heaven"

This game is great.But why can't i get some medals?In-game show that i've already got them but not on the medals list

Surprisingly all of Matt Roszack's games are epic!

This the best shooter game ever!!! I have got 2013 money on level 12.

Heh, awesome. Very, very fun game overall. One problem... When I go to the bottom of the screen, I go all the way down until i get to my hitbox pixel, making it so I can't see the hitbox well.

Also, just stuff I'd really like to see:

Deathbombing. Maybe a 1/10 or less of a second after you get hit where you can bomb to save your life?

Relying more on fancy patterns. Seriously, the final bosses seem to spend most of their time spamming bullets at you randomly.

Other than that, great game!

nice recration of epic battle fantasy 4