Reviews for "Bullet Heaven"

this game is really good

It's a really great game, I liked it a lot. The only problem I have with it is that I don't know how to unlock the last character. Anyone know how?

I'm going to assume that those who say that 3-hearts challenge is easy either upgraded everything else, or else I'm simply bad at this kind of game. I decided to challenge myself with no upgrades at all, but was forced to give up after many fruitless attempts of beating the second boss. Still not allowing myself to upgrade anything but the reloading speed and character magnetism, though.
I think this is my favorite Bullet Hell game so far, and I have the feeling that even if I start buying professionally made ones, I'll come back to this every once in a while. I've always had a soft spot for that mix of anime and western cartoonish style drawings, and the enemies are interestingly designed. (What is a cat doing on a huge crab? Did they fuse together like Paras and that mushroom on its back?) The way different kinds of bullets blend and overlap each other justify the "heaven" in the game's title - if the frame rate's low enough I often take a glance to look at it instead of watching my step.
The music is also great and fitting the settings of different stages, although I would have preferred there to be a more dramatic song for the final boss, considering the boss' title.
Thank you for creating this, Matt and Falcon.

Really great game! It's like Touhou, but with better graphics and a cartoony twist. Somewhat easy with pretty challenging bosses (until you blast the shit out of them with bombs) and each character has different danmaku attacks. Kudos for the great game and variety!

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