Reviews for "Bullet Heaven"

Thanks kupo you always know what I like! It must be a SIGN!

You rule kupo!

This was a really good game, perfect to complement the main series. The use of the different characters was cool and I liked how the power-ups you could buy weren't overpowered meaning that you still had to be good at the game. A really enjoyable experience, I loved playing it. Looked cute too... The variations of enemies was especially good, building on the enemies from the main series, Epic Battle Fantasy.

As SeaMaid said, a final boss song would have been nice. Other than that, this game is freaking awesome. The gameplay is smooth and very challenging. Besides that, the characters are a bit unbalanced. Anna is, by far, the weakest member of the crew. She is only useful for completing the 33 wave survival challenge because her bomb move doesn't kill everything on the screen. Nats is also pretty useless. Matt is the best member for bossing and survival. NoLegs is the best member for levels with lots of spread out weak fodder.

this game is really good

It's a really great game, I liked it a lot. The only problem I have with it is that I don't know how to unlock the last character. Anyone know how?