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Reviews for "Madness: Activation"


the action was way too slow and the text was way too fast... what do i look like a speed reader who likes slow paced fighting : / also the two different animation styles didnt work well ... it was like a crappy doodle scientist o.O

tomtyke responds:

i've all ready fixed the issues in my future projects

and i intend to continue with the two different styles, like it or not

OK! Good Movie! Hey! Is there gonna be Next Part? There was a Scientist and the BOSS Looks Like 1337 Agent. And Why where the MP5k, the SR3, the M14 and the FN Fal with NO Magazines?
Oh! And Why was the Beretta92 Sounding Like a Deagle, When There where 3. Maybe they wher
Sounding Like Beretta 92. And Cool Movie.

tomtyke responds:

I am (slowly) working on things. As for the (many) errors, it's because I am a filthy Australian who knows next to nothing about guns.