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Reviews for "Madness: Activation"


The story is intriguing, though the text speed could be a little slower (then again, it's an excuse to watch again >_<). Can't wait to see more.

I have to say that I liked it.

Frankly, I was never a big fan of Madness, but this flash is still very good.

Only a few things that bother, I get the impression that you were going to make a sequel, I like the story idea, its innovative and a good twist on the Madness series. But if you would implement the following things in the sequel, I think it would be really cool.

1. The scenes where its killing time and there is no text dialog, (scene with the guy and the button, and picking up the weapons) shorten them up or just cut them out. I think they cut out the fast paced affect I think you were going for.

2. It felt something like assassins creed watching the character kill one guy while the other opponents spent like 5 shooting at his after image. It had its humorous effect but kinda slowed things down.

3. Finally, the protagonist seems to be fairly cynical in his method of killing. Some guys the protagonist spent too much time in killing, especially considering that this is the first time he had been released after getting shot in the face. I would have thought he might struggle some with his morality but maybe the serum the doctor-like guy gave him had something to do with it? I dunno.

To be honest though, I like this a lot better then the original Madness series, and the series has potential of being really awesome. Nice sigh of relief from the typical overkill fan creations. Again, nice job and I'm looking forward to the next episode.

Stay Fancy!

P.S. You might also considering saving your next release until the next Madness day (if NG is still doing that) It could make for a better view turn out.

tomtyke responds:

there is a reason for his killing, and i am going to cover it in the sequel, and he is going to struggle with himself as he begins to remember more of himself, like, for example, what he stands for, and his personal morals


In my oppinion, most of the madness shorts are almost the same thing over and over with hardly any difference to them. But this one was able to keep my focus, and tell a story that has me looking forward to the next one, which I hope you do make. Good job

Richard Nixon would be proud

I just witnessed something amazing. I am not talking about a donkey show in Mexico (which is awesome in a train wreck sort of way), I am talking about this flash.

Graphics 10/10- I thought were absolutely crisp and done very well. With all the bad animation floating around out there, this is a breath of fresh air in a stagnant environment.

Story 10/10- Done very well and I like how you seem to go off the main formula.

Music- I like your choice of music but.... just not my cup of tea. I felt the music was a tad bit stilted. I would have liked something a bit more freeflowing

Overall- 9.5

I hereby give this award the highest award it can recieve the Richard Nixon seal of approval.


Fantastic, you actually took something that had the possibility to be horrible and made it not only good, but original!

By the way, I love your response to LEVaughn, I completely agree with you

Thanks for giving us a breath of fresh air in a world of madness ~.^

tomtyke responds:

why thank you, if people want to try to ruin my work, I'm going to ruin their shit twice as hard ;D

unless their claims have merit, then I'm all ears