Reviews for "Legend Of Rob Thundakill"

I got around the log :D

Just not in one piece :/


I have to say this was quite funny. Also I quickly learned it was a joke and slight annoyance since I would right click after touching the log and learned that I could not play any further so I would restart and gain nothing as usual. However the awesome build up and intro were more than enough to provide some good humor here for an April Fool's joke today.

The music you used for the build up and the prank of a game, game play were both nice tunes here. Also liked how you gave credit to a whole lot of people at the start who were never seen in the game at all. Guess you could have gave credit to more Newgrounds users and celebs and it would not make much of a difference.

The game play was kind of dumb but funny. Like how when he shot a laser out of his mouth that there was no sound. Sadly due to the jumping ban which is also in almost every fricking Resident Evil game and keeps you from completing it faster... Rob was unable to jump over a log.

Overall, funny, also shows the annoyances of most games not allowing a player to jump.


you got me!