Reviews for "Legend Of Rob Thundakill"

Good April Fool's Day joke

I could tell it was not going to be something that elaborate seeing as how it was submitted on this day. A lot of people seem to pull April Fool's Day pranks like this, such as DarkMazeStudios. Call me silly, but it's funny to just see everything blow up in such a cheesy way. I imagine that if you made an actual game like that, it would be good. I just like the guy's expression at the end where he looks stupid. Well, there's a couple of people who look stupid like that.

The music used is pretty cool and I liked how you detailed what parts of the game they were in. It's a cute little funny thing to play. I don't know if the game tells you, but the moving keys are "A" and "D". I did not see how this was a shooter game, but it was an AF game, after all. It's too bad this website did not have a theme for it this year.

Awwww, its too bad.

I was actually interested in playing the game. It looked like it was gonna be good. Still, pretty funny.


Nice joke. Was that Kelly Kelly at the beginning? I have a poster of her in that bikini.

Not bad but...

it was sooooo predictable.