Reviews for "Press Start: Conquest"

I think this is the best one yet!

You t´really overdid yourself on this one! The animation was out of this world in spectacularness and the story was deep and had clevar message.

I salute you!


I was expecting Vlad to be standing over Vile's shoulder as he drew the whole cartoon with crayons or something. Great job anyways!

Happy Foolsmas!


Seems vile got bored and decided to draw...... XD


Take one more step further and I will punch you right in the rectangular face! Awesome vid guy, I dig all the little explosion noises that you made on your own. They added character.... to the explosions..... which by and large, were terrible. Still loved it! :) 5/5

I wouldn't expect anything less from Count Vile. And now that it's been over a year since the 2nd movie came out, you must continue these cartoons, they are so hilarious. Perhaps add in some newer gaming jokes with the old school stuff. Like Assassin's Creed, more Gears of War, God of War, stuff like that. That's bee excellent. I certainly hope you don't abandon this series, it is one of the best on Newgrounds. Cheers and such.