Reviews for "Press Start: Conquest"

Apri fool!

Count vile is the best!


Best work yet. You truly showed your animating skills here. I'm blown away by this! I don't get the last part though aprl fooz... What on earth does that mean?
And as a serious review this was actually really funny XD. I absolutely love this series and alawys yell out the little cameos XD Great job!

An aswome video made with a microphone

The sound track is aswome!!!! WERE DID U GET IT!!??? (XP lol)

A super presentation with the original button and then........... a simple comic flash that is aswome.... ALL IS ASWOME!! This guy is aswome!! THE GUY WHO IS READING THIS IS ASWOME!! this comment... SUCKS!

At first I was like huh?...

but then I lol'd. Excellent work as always. Just got Press Start 2 in the mail last week, you always present the best in writing, filming(or animating) and just plain good humor. Peter, you are the best villain anyone could hope to portray. Ed, I'll be looking forward to your next video with unrivaled anticipation ^_^

Lol, evil conquers all

At first I was thinking "did someone get super lazy?" and then at the end I was thinking "OOOHH, LOLOLOL"

It's funny, though, the entire thing made me think it would zoom out and show count vile drawing the entire thing, or animating, or something, because everything was working out for him, it was poorly drawn, and everything was done in his voice.

Needless to say, I liked it :D